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Pixiv ID: 44676911
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Quello che ho imparato e porto dentro, nel mio velluto rosso, vale cento pistole.

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Coraline’s Wonders: Jonesy is back! 

//OOC:(!!!) Please read through this and feel free to crop everything out if you wanna reblog the picture.

Meow at you, slugs! It is I your Coraline and I am officially back, I presume. But yes, hello everyone, I am so terribly sorry I had completely stopped running this blog for quite a while. I guess I just ended up focusing more on my personal life. Too many changes, too many events, and I’ve just been me, Kelsey, with a spice of my Coraline self and not fully Jonesy. Please understand that it is hard to get back on track when running a full-time cosplay blog. I missed you all so so much and I really hope you still remember me!

Here’s a link to my new personal blog: katrrat  //feel free to check it out, I’ll probably have more daily updates there as well as other cosplays apart from Coraline. 

Other useful links:
Ask.fm //with Daniel. 

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